The CDPlayer PlayList Converter
Version 2.7

What is it?

PLC is a freeware tool to compare and merge databases for software CDplayers. It handles files on disk as well as databases in the internet.

The current version is 2.7.3 (November 2004) and can handle the following formats:

Player from File(s) local read local write online read online write batch
Windows 2000 CD Player MS Windows 2000 DeluxeCD.mdb yes yes yes yes yes
Deluxe CD Player MS Plus! 98 DeluxeCD.mdb yes yes yes yes yes
cdplayer.exe MS Windows XX cdplayer.ini yes yes no no no
cdplayer.exe compatible various *.ini yes yes no no no
XMCD *. yes no yes no no
XMCD tar *.tar yes no no no no
Axialis Axialis SA *.csv yes no no no no
MusicBrainz CD lookup *.xml no no no no no
EAC cddb.dat yes no no no no
  • Now with improved support for Windows 2000 CD Player (also known as Deluxe CD Player).
  • You may test and re-configure the online provider settings for Deluxe CD Player and connect it to databases like threeTIX (also maintained by the author Edy Hinzen).
  • Download of the latest list of active databases.
  • Download of actual news about PLC.
  • Links to the websites of the listed players/products in the main menu.
  • Works with proxy and proxy authorization.
How to use it
  • Download the PLC setup file; about 900 KB Size
  • Start it and follow the setup instructions.
  • Start PLC. The dialog elements are explained when you put the mouse cursor on them. You may also press the Help Button then click on any part on the PLC screen to get info about it and it's use.
  • Select Import and Main Database and press [Import].
  • When the import database has an entry which you already have (but with different data), a dialog is shown to edit and select the correct data.
  • If you want to access DeluxeCD files, you'll need either
    • ADO (usually installed with Windows 2000)
    • BDE (Borland database engine)
    installed. If you don't have the latter already, you may download it here:
    BDE for use with PLC; about 4 MB Size.
    I recommend testing PLC first without downloading that file.

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