Using big ini files with
CD player Maximus

(To contact the author of Maximus or get more info, check out the download page noticed below or try mailing to the program author Goran Markovic)
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In short, the facts...
  • For programs that use standard windows functions, cdplayer.ini (among all *.INI files) is limited to 64 KB.
  • Maximus is a Windows 95/98 CD player which can deal with files greater than 64 KBytes.
  • It has some nice features and is freeware (up to version 3.xx included).
  • All programs get slower with big, bigger and biggest *.ini files.
  • Maximus uses a "trick": it first scans cdplayer.ini, if not found it scans bigcdplayer.ini (very fast!).
So what to do?
  • You can download the latest Maximus version from http://solair.eunet.yu/~muaddib
  • After installation, Maximus works as your standard CD player and uses cdplayer.ini
  • If you feel that you have a lot of cds which are not yet in your cdplayer.ini, download some files from my page.
    Select either from "artists from 'A' to 'Z'", from one or more "national files" or the big collection under the key word "all together".
  • The files "artists from 'A' to 'Z'" are standard text files - the others are zipped (compressed) and must be uncompressed with an unzip program.
  • In the Maximus INI Editor window click Upkeep/Add entries from file and then select those files that you've downloaded.
    Maximus adds these entries to bigcdplayer.ini in the windows directory. Bigcdplayer.ini will be automatically created if it doesn't exist.
  • Even if you did not download and/or mix your cdplayer.ini and it is greater than about 100 KByte, you should rename it to bigcdplayer.ini for optimal performance of Maximus.
  • Maximus then uses the bigcdplayer.ini as well.