Some links
music related
Midi File Central the ultimate midi file archive
MIDI Manufacturers Association they create the MIDI standards
Harmony Central more about MIDI, MIDI hard- and software
HTML and others
SELFHTML German users should take a look at HTML-Dateien selbst erstellen from Stefan Münz. Zipped file for offline-reading also available there.
The NoteTab Light is a very fine freeware editor
graphic tools
Alchemy Mindworks Create interlaced or animated gifs with shareware tool gif construction set.
File Formats
graphic formats
The Graphics File Format Page file specifications and more
Graphics File Format FAQ links to FAQ files relating to file formats
various formats
Wotsit's File Format Collection lots of format specifications
The Internet Resources for Windows Developers overview of what programmers can find in the WWW
The Delphi Super Page lot of Delphi source code
Shooting Yourself in the Foot IF you.have ANY[DOUBT(which)] Programming_Language TO USE
no links, but my favourite albums
1. Blaze Of GloryJoe Jackson
2. The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayGenesis
3. Bring On The Night (life)Sting
Fahrgastschiff Pfälzerland

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