Program Dated (YYYY-MM-DD)
Readme or doc file
Source code for executable
Delphi 1/2 Delphi 3/4 Delphi 5..7
BigIni DCU
Unit to read/write *.ini files even greater than 64 KB
2004-06-08 Version 5.00
12 K
(V 2.07.06)
56 K  
MCI demo
With this program you can test and learn about MCI strings.
Just select from a set of predefined command strings to query and control multimedia devices.
2003-03-26 Version 2.3
See screenshot
  20 K 200 K
cddb / xmcd to cdplayer.ini file converter

You may better use PLC for converting (however, no source code available there).
2000-09-19 Version 1.2   204 K   204 K

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