The "NO"-Page

This is not the most inviting page of my site. But more and more unnecessary e-mails sent to me force me to write the following. :-(
More clever brains don't need to read the whole page. Some others tend to need some longer ...
Edy, would you please send me the song xx from zz as MP3 or WAV?
O.K. I read this. But I am . Would you please send it anyway?
No. Even if you would come from some nice outer space planet.
Accepted. But I would give you for it.
You are still reading? Let me try to explain again what my site is for: All I have and collect are CD tracklists (of more than 50000 CDs!!) and not the CDs or the tunes itself. All I can offer you is already on the website and only some clicks away.
Do ya really have no CDs? Maybe you can send me a copy of YY either?
I have several hundreds of CDs. They are mine. I'm not interested in making you any copy of anything. I don't have
  • the motivation
  • the time
  • the equipment
to make any kind of copy. Try Karaoke and sing yourself.
Wah, I'll try it anyway and write you.
Further mail requests on audio files will no longer be regarded. If I'm in a good mood, I'll send you a link to this page.
You may stop reading now.

Go and look elsewhere.


Stop reading now. No audio file exchange.

Anything on T.V. tonight? Finished your homework for tomorrow's school?
Please try anything else than hanging around here.