Here is my question & answers file with some information about cdpayer.ini e.g. the 64 KByte limit.

Related sites: CD players
company / offered by
CD player Maximus • See my explanation how to use this files with Maximus Goran Markovic Freeware
Pro Audio CD player The Aldridge Company Freeware
SuperCDPlayer with *.ini import/export features Jeff Dyer Freeware
CDPlayer for Windows 95 and Windows NT which can import cdplayer.ini Jupiter Software Shareware
Maybe the most complete list of CD players for Windows Steve Jenkins'

Related sites: INI editors
company / offered by
Try PLC my CDPlayer PlayList Converter! Freeware
CDMerge • Tool for merge and manage CDPLAYER.INI files. Eli Dassa, Roy Shashua Freeware
CDpie • An editor for CDPlayer.ini. Highlights: search filter; cover images. Sunny W. Zitter Freeware
CDPLAYER.INI • An editor with the same name as the file it shows. TRiXWooD Freeware
CDSearch 98 • Little editor for cdplayer.ini with search and browse features Qsoft, Mattias Schevenels Freeware
Report Audio CD Information ("raci") is a tool to browse your cdplayer.ini Jon Roch-Berry Shareware; £ 5
Links to other INI files and projects
(may overlap with mine; ... for sure they will ...)
about ...
(when I last loaded it)
Entries from Silverchair Denis Bourdon 5 K Feb-2001 18
Homepage of CDPLAYER.INI Dan Larsson 2.68 M Dec-99 more than 8760
Visit SuperCDPlayer Homepage with a freeware cdplayer program and differential *.ini update files Jeff Dyer 1.9 M (zip) 06-Oct-98 > 6580
Big zipped file Gareth Brandwood 372 K (zip) 18-Nov-97 > 3600
The FanTasTik world of the CDPLAYER.INI
French & Celtic & more & more
Stéphane Coadou (several files) Oct-97 > 2100
At Neurobeat you'll find Independant titles Carl-Gerhard Wieners (several files) June-2000 > 950
Zipped file with Hardrock and Metal titles Andre 5 K (zip) Nov-99 12
Hugo Fernbom's collection has a special synthpop ini as well as a general ini file Hugo Fernbom 74 K (total) 13-Mar-98 265
Le CdPlayBiblio Serge Gerard 120 K Oct-98 291
From Russia Gennady Lipunov 60 K 20-Dec-98 142
Another ini from Denis Bourdon 2.5 K Oct-98 12
Fredrik's collection Fredrik Hendeberg and
Claes Argårds
274 K 09-Sep-97 753
ini at a Smashing Pumpkins Page   20 K 29-Oct-97 78
Mariah Carey page with .ini file at The Fox's Den 12 K Oct-97 50
A Russian Page Anton Panov (html) Oct-97 4
ini from David's cd collection David F. Severski 78 K 22-Sep-97 211
From Tim DeMattio's compact disc collection Tim DeMattio 191 K Jan-99 524
Wabash's Web World offers a zipped file Emilio Gómez 74 K 10-Jun-98 175
zipped file with Czechian titles and some hot techno and other tracks Higgins 10 K zip 13-Jun-97 66
Dados para o CDPlayer do Win95 Pedro Borges - 02-Jun-97 59 files
Another one Patrick James Cunningham 3 K 14-May-97 12
cdplayer.ini from Damien M. Jones 45 K 03-Feb-97 120
Jethro Tull cds Markus Lauber 8.5 K 20-Oct-96 27
From the tribute to Dramarama at the wwwonderamaland 2.2 K 10-Oct-97 8
The CD Track Title Exchange Madeira Software, Inc. 133 K Sep-99 > 350
I found another CD player INI Project in UK Alistair Smith 15.5 K zip 07-Nov-96 126
Al Stewart titles are stored at the compilation from Ray Miller 8.5 K 10-May-97 25
The Residents pages have a file with Residents cds and some hints Tzoq 25 K 16-Apr-97 57
Ocean Blue titles in a mail from Jeff Braun (html) Oct-97 4
Some Massilia Sound System entries   1 K 10-Oct-97 3
Depeche Mode treasure from Mario's "little island" Mario Bonilla 14.6 K 14-Jul-97 55
Mostly Beelzebub titles are found here Elliott S. McCrory 10 K 24-Dec-96 19
cdplayer.txt from the Yuki Saito Gallery John Lee 10 K 08-Jan-98 29
Software and cdplayer.ini dedicated for Hiroko Taniyama Hanada 4K lzh 18-Sep-97 28
There are - I think - Chinese entries   11 K 18-Apr-97 4

xmcd, cddb, freedb
The xmcd CD database from Ti Kan is another idea of storing and sharing cd playlists. Besides the original program for linux you can find there links to Win95 cd-players using this database. The playlists can be updated via WWW but are not compatible to cdplayer.ini.
Meanwhile, the cddb databases are commercialized.
To ensure non-commercial, unrestricted sharing of xmcd compatible data was founded. Some reasons for that are explained here.

Deluxe CD Player
Deluxe CD Player is a player shipped with MS PLUS! 98 and Windows 2000. It has an Access database, uses WWW-update but cannot read cdplayer.ini (except for "first run", see threeTIX FAQ). See the track'info'xchange' page for more.

Artist databases
Artist direct - the former The Ultimate Band List (UBL). Links and more links searchable by artist.